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Roller mill floor 250t/24hRoller mill floor 250t/24hScales 50t/24hPipework 50t/24hB1 ScaleSeparator floor 50t/24hPneumatic filter 50t/24hBran centrifugals 50t/24hRoller mill floor 250t/24hPlansifter 250t/24hCleaning section 250t/24hRoller mill floor 50t/24hPlansifter 250t/24hSeparator floor 250t/24hMicro-ingredient admixture 250t/24hPepper grinding and polishingDestoner spice millFilter section spice millCleaning section for Basmati riceCleaning section for Basmati riceRoller mill floor 200t/24hRoller mill floor 275t/24hPlansifters 100t/24hFlour mixing - bagging stationFlour mixing - bagging stationFlour mixing - bagging stationRoller mill floor 70t/24hRoller mill floor 70t/24h


Our range of service

Development and construction of your milling systems  - from the cleaning section to the finished products section.

We are your partner for reconstruction, modernisation of your existing plant and also for building your new plant.

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